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Intel® Core i7 Processor

ROG G Series

G Series Laptops

Laptop dòng G Series được thiết kế từ những công nghệ mới mẻ, tiện nghi và thông minh hỗ trợ tốt cho game thủ.

ASUS ROG G Series Laptops designed like a stealth fighter

Xây dựng từ nhu cầu của Gamer

Lấy thiết kế từ máy bay tàng hình ,Laptop Series G Thiết kế hầm hố cũng như sức mạnh vượt trội. Thiết kế hiện đại với tone màu chủ đạo Đen & Đỏ .

ASUS ROG G Series Laptops cooling fans

Giữ máy luôn ở nhiệt độ cho phép

Khi bạn đẩy cấu hình lên mức tối đa,Asus G vẫn sẽ tản nhiệt tốt 1 cách dễ dàng với công nghệ đặt biệt Cooling .

ASUS ROG G Series Laptops include up to Intel Core i7 Processors

Perfecting the Basics

Trái tim là luôn là những chip mới nhất và mạnh mẽ nhất® Core i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 900M-series Sẽ giúp máy chạy liên tục hàng giờ liền.

ASUS ROG G Series Laptop with backlit keyboard

Strike in Darkness

Bàn phím với đèn nền Led đỏ, giúp chiến game và làm việc tốt vào buổi tối. Độ sáng the backlit chiclet keyboard glows an aggressive red with user-adjusted brightness levels and specially-highlighted WASD keys for precise control and eye-catching visibility wherever you are.

ASUS ROG G Series Laptop with MAXX Audio

Hearing is Believing

Matching incredible graphics, experience refined sound that brings games to life with more realistic sound effects and custom profiles through ROG AudioWizard to suit your task at hand.

ASUS ROG G Series Laptop to 4K Monitor

4K Multi-Display Ready

Power an entire gaming center from a G Series laptop with up to 4K playback and 3 external monitor support.


Mobile Powerhouse

Focused for mobility, game on the move with an ultra-slim design.

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  • 4.54lbs
  • 0.81 inches
ASUS ROG G501 on its edge
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Designed for the Gaming Nomad

If you’re constantly on the move or prefer razor-thin laptops that still pack a punch, the G501 weighs just under 2.06kgs (4.54lbs) and measures 20.6mm ( 0.81-inch) thick for ultimate grab-and-go freedom.

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4K Wherever You Want It

Built with 15.6-inch Ultra HD Matte IPS wide view displays experience amazing 4k quality only thought possible for the home, anywhere with the G501.

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Light on Size. Heavy on Power.

G501 laptops feature NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M discrete graphics with Optimus Technology that automatically tweaks the GPU for either turned up graphics power or battery-boosting efficiency depending on what you’re doing.

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Hardware Built for Speed

Kiss loading screens goodbye thanks to the PCIe x4 SSD for near twice the performance of previous gen SSD that transfers up to 1.1GB per second. The G501 also comes with a Thunderbolt port for up to 10 Gbps transfer speeds - twice the bandwidth of USB 3.0.


Hardest Hitting Performer

The power of an entire high-powered gaming system without the bulk is now within your grasp.

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ASUS ROG G751 now has NVIDIA G-Sync

See Gaming Differently

NVIDIA® G-SYNC display technology

  1. A state of gaming completely void of screen tearing.
  2. The harbinger of the smoothest visual experience to date.

See also: Winning

By synchronizing the display refresh rates to the GPU, G-SYNC eliminates screen tearing and minimizes stutter and input lag to deliver the very best gaming experience. Objects look sharper and gameplay is fluid and responsive to give you a serious competitive edge.

ASUS ROG G751 has the latest GPU from NVIDIA

Push It Into Overdrive

We took one of the most powerful NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics chips and took it one step further with real-time overclocking for when you want to take performance to the next level. So when action is getting heavy, you get the extra power boost to handle it all with ease.

ASUS ROG G751 has 178 degree viewing angle

All the Beauty. None of the Glare.

Play the most immersive games in the quality it deserves thanks to the full-featured 17.3-inch Full HD IPS wide-viewing angle matte display. Specially made for gaming in both dark and bright environments, the matte screen eliminates distracting glare for sharp-shooter like precision.

178 degree IPS
ASUS ROG G752 has massive rear vents to expel heat away from you

Keeps Cool Under Pressure

Specially-engineered passive and active cooling design uses 3 heating pipes, a rear-vent air flow system and dedicated CPU/GPU fans to ensure your system always runs cool even when overclocking.

Cooling Fans
ASUS ROG G751 has all the output you need, including Thunderbolt

Lightning-Fast Transfers with Thunderbolt

The G751 comes with a Thunderbolt port for up to 10 Gbps transfer speeds. Letting you transfer a full DVD-quality movie in a second!*

*DVD movie size measured at 1.25 GB.

Thunderbolt Icon
ASUS ROG G751 Game Center lets you control everything you need

One Console to Control and Monitor it All

Game Center launches via a dedicated key or software app to create your own custom profile (like enabling the GPU overclock option), so whether there are many users for one laptop or preferred settings between games, you can instantly switch between them all effortlessly.

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ASUS ROG G751 customizable keyboard

Dedicated Custom Keys

The dedicated Steam key lets you quickly open the Steam app to access and play from your game library. When connected to an external display via HDMI, the Steam key makes it even easier to launch Steam Big Screen mode. With Macro keys, complicated or time-consuming combinations are streamlined to just a press of a key.

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GL752 - GL552

All-Around Dominator

The core of the G Series, the GL752 and GL552 gives you the best blend of mobility and power.


The ultimate combo in speed, cooling and mobility, raise the bar on how you game with 17.3-inch GL752 laptop.

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More mobility on the go with power-packed performance, the 15.6-inch GL552 lets you game on your own terms.